Fire Regulations

Does your company comply with the new fire Regulations?

On 1st October 2006 the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order (RRFSO) comes into force.

The Order amends or replaces 118 pieces of legislation and firmly places the responsibility for the fire safety of premises and all people therein on the designated “Responsible Person” Who can be the owner of the premises or business or the person with day to day control of the premises.

The order applies to the vast majority of premises and workplaces in the UK and outlines all the measurers that must be taken to ensure the safety of all the people that the “Responsible Person” Is directly or indirectly responsible for. At the same time it allows the Enforcing Authority to make sure it is enacted and sets penalties including Fines and Imprisonment if it is not.

The RRFSO requires the responsible person to have a Fire risk assessment, for the premises, produce a policy, develop procedures (particularly with regard to evacuation), provide staff training and carry out fire drills. The responsible person must also provide and maintain clear means of escape, signs, notices, emergency lighting, fire detection and alarm systems and the means to fight fires.

The cornerstone of the RRFSO is the Fire Risk Assessment. This must record the significant findings, measurers to be taken and be reviewed regularly and if necessary amended. The Risk Assessment must be formally recorded if the responsible person employs 5 or more people, the premises are licensed, provides sleeping accommodation or the inspector requires it.

Why should my business have a Fire Risk Assessment?

Having a Fire Risk Assessment (FRA) is not an option it is the Law!
Many employers do not know that having a Fire Risk Assessment has been a legal requirement since 1997.

Please check your Insurance – It is likely that you will be UNINSURED if you are not compliant with the law!

The Fire Brigade will not carry out your FRA for you but they will ask to see it! For most premises a Fire Certificate will become obsolete.

Ignorance of the Fire Regulations is no defence.

Employers have a responsibility for the health & safety of employees and the fire safety precautions within their premises.

The employer and or ‘Responsible Person’ will have to provide evidence that the safety of all employees has been catered for in the event of a fire, using what the Fire Regulations refer to as a ‘file of evidence’.